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Clearly, this shows that we as a party have to do a better job explaining our position on this very, very important issue of abortion. But the fact is, this was such an unusual race in so many respects.

Although Senate Democratic Leader Keene said that pro-choice forces will have a razor-thin majority after Killea assumes her seat, the abortion issue is so emotional and politically unstable as to make such vote-count breakdowns hazardous. Final unofficial vote totals show that Killea received 61, votes A minor third candidate, public defender Tom Connolly of El Cajon, was little more than an obscure political footnote in the race, drawing only about 50 write-in votes.

Supreme Court decision restricting abortion rights. It brought me a lot of support, but it also energized my opponents.

I think it may have cost me as many votes as it gained. IBF salutes the statesmanship of Shri Arun Jaitley and recognizes his huge commitment to the business when he held the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting portfolio in the Modi government. IBF accepts that the vacuum brought about by Shri Jaitley's demise will be difficult to fill and communicates its most profound sympathies to the dispossessed family.

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Naqvi affirmed that minorities are feeling 'totally sheltered' under PM Modi's initiative as he has not enjoye.