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So to all of you in this childhood cancer family, I raise my glass to you. Fight your asses off to the bitter end and know you are all loved dearly by this fellow cancer mommy.

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And has been moved up a Level, I told my she has been blessed to be an Olympian. Pray for Anthony that the doctors can help control his seizures with medication and they can figure out how to help Anthony. My heart is constantly being cared for now. I also started a new heart med. There were some complications that day and it went over by a few hours so my bf and mother were nervous.

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This last week has been hell. Stamford Hospital has been helpful, for the most part, but the surgical pain is ridiculous. But I've graduated to oral Dilaudid, oral Oxycodone, and oral extended release Oxycodone. I have needed the occasional IV Dilaudid breakthrough push, especially when I have to move my body. I know this seems like a tremendous amount if serious opiate medications but remember my body is tolerant of high dose opiates because I've been dealing with this crap for almost 5 years. Physical therapy and occupational therapy have been kicking my butt, in a good way, lol.

The morning after surgery they were in my room and were like, "okay time to stand up" and I was like "are you effing insane?! I've been needing my anxiety medication quite frequently now too because 2 days before this surgery I had my cancer scans and a new nodule that popped up in my left lung at my last scan has a little more than doubled in size. We're going to re-scan for metastasis in a few months or earlier if I experience symptoms.

If you'd like to help my family and I, there are so many ways to help! My Paypal is imbd gmail. But I do know that whatever life throws his way, Anthony gathers the strength and bravery to roll with the punches and get us all through these challenges.

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We pray that his strength and resilience continues through this next bump in the road. ARecovering from surgery and doing well. Pray that she will be able to resume normal activity soon and good health. Please continue to pray that he starts to feel better and pain is relieved due to his neck surgery. Charlotte is scheduled to have wrist surgery tomorrow at 7am. We did not know that she broke her wrist sometime last year. She played Spring and Summer lacrosse, never said anything.

The growth plate in her bone that broke died, causing it to stop growing. Meantime the ulna bone was still growing, and started sticking out her wrist. After Xrays the break was found, and we are going to surgery. The doctor has to cut the larger bone down, and re-align the wrist. Not a major surgery, but with Char's medical background always more to worry about. Please pray that the surgery goes better than expected.

Pray that Char will have no problems with the anesthesia or any issues during and after the surgery. Pray that she will not be in a lot of pain, and that there will be no complications after the surgery.

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Pray for peace for her and us, as we are getting a bit nervous, and that the wrist will heal completely ahead of schedule. Anthony is 46 years old, but he is like a Big Kid. Anthony had to have surgery this morning to repair some degenerative disks in his back. He is out of surgery recovering in ICU, so they can observe him.

Doctors said his back was in bad shape, but should feel a lot better after recovery. Please pray that the Back surgery was a big success. Pray that Anthony will heal faster than the doctors expect, and will have a huge improvement in his general well being. Pray for peace for Grace, Anthony and the boys. He has been running a degree fever, and is on an IV Antibiotic. Please continue to pray for Austyn. Pray that his fever will go away, and that he will no longer need the antiboitics.

Pray that the treatment will continue to work, and that he will not have many side effects. Pray that this treatment will get rid of his cancer, and that it will never come back. Sara has to be admitted into hospital for a blood clot and flu See below Hello, Sara is in the hospital. She has the flu and the doctors found a clot in her arm after her clots were gone last week. Please pray for my baby Sara. The flu complicates things a lot with the syndrome she has. Thank you so much. Sarah has been in and out of the hospital with several complications.

This beautiful family needs some peace. I have 2 surgeries coming up. I'm having the implant for my heart on Jan 11 and the surgery on my spine on Jan I'm a little nervous but I know I have to get them done to try to get control over my life and body back. If you'd like to help my family and I, there are multiple ways Meal train page thank you Caring With Grace: www.

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Age of 18 was in need of a liver transplant. Milford resident who received a miracle transplant Jae was a complete stranger to Maddie and our family.

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Jaelin is home recovering and getting stronger everyday. Maddie is still currently at Yale but is also getting stronger and we should be released home again very soon. Again, thank you for all of your prayers and support for both our families. We are forever grateful!! We started physical therapy yesterday! He would love to be back on the court! Yale all day today! Stronger than the Storm Please pray that Austyn will get stinger and physical therapy will help him so he can play some basketball. Charlotte will be having surgery on her wrist Jan 24th. God bless her and watch over her lord.

From Mason's mom- Our son Mason, has battled lifelong medical condition requiring a trach to breathe and countless major surgeries. On December 18th he endured respiratory induced cardiac arrest at home. We had immediately intervened with bagging and cpr, as he lost his pulse we did chest compressions and got a pulse just before emergency crews rushed him out the door.

He was admitted to the icu. The following day he began having seizures due to serious injury to multiple parts of the brain because of the cardiac arrest. He will likely never return to the state of mind he was previously in as those areas of the brain are injured. He will require tremendous therapies once the seizures are stabilized and he recently regains alertness which he has yet to do. He has 4 older sister's who love their brother so much. We are all spending as much time bed side hoping for him to come to. This is costing dad a lot of loss work and making it difficult to drive back and forth to prepare family meals.

We appreciate all the support from our community, family and friends. We are holding on to hope even during the worst days. We are so grateful for the support from our community. Mason is a fighter and this is taking it's toll on us all. Please keep us in your thoughts, and prayers and feel free to share Mason's story.

Mason has overcome so much in his life and we truly believe there has been and continues to be a reason for it all. He has shown us all to never give up. He was recently hospitalized with noroviris and collapsed lung. Please pray for all the families who lost a child, the holidays are so extremely difficult.

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Thank you to everyone who has inboxed me about my dad. He has decided to stop all treatment and live the rest of his days as he pleases. We are respecting his wishes even though it is so devastating. Please pray for Irene she was hospitalized for a few days with pain. Hopefully soon they will be able to figure out some pain management for her and heal her ankle. Great job. Spinal tap an chemo today, please pray for good results. We have through August paid and will continue to get help as needed.

The family is truly grateful beyond words.

Doctors are encouraged because the tumors are shrinking.