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The story is set in an intense, action-packed world where the characters face life or death situations and the emotional stakes are extremely high. What were the challenges?

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What was easy about it? I sent out only four queries to my top agent picks about two weeks before I finished the book, and I was thrilled when Charlie requested the manuscript and I had offers from two agents. After Charlie and I found each other, the book sold within a few months. Also, readers will see more of this world—both inside and outside of Haven. And, of course, they can expect lots more suspense, twists and action—not to mention an escalation of the high-stakes romance.

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The Dust Chronicles Bestselling, award-winning, dystopian thriller series for readers 12 and over. The books have lots of adult fans too!

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Glory, a sixteen-year-old orphan whose emotions can kill, lives in a domed city where her ability means Deviant—and dead. To survive, Glory must hide her Deviant ability—and her paraplegic brother—from the authorities.

When her boyfriend joins the secret police, she must flee the dome and outrun the sadistic, scab-covered Shredders living outside in the dust. Can Glory trust a mysterious boy with a dangerous Deviance of his own? The Shredders are like a cross between zombies and the reavers from the short-lived TV show Firefly.

They have bulging eyes and skin that looks scab-covered—mostly because they like to coat their bodies with the blood of their victims. Glory your main character is tempted to turn on her boyfriend who spies for the authorities. Not everything is as it seems.

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Tell us about the dome that protects the survivors of the asteroid that buried the human race. The asteroids caused major destruction, and also triggered multiple earthquakes and volcanic eruptions. The dust is lethal to most humans and has changed the DNA of others. It gave some affected humans special abilities or powers, and turned others into sadistic Shredders.

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The story begins inside a domed city called Haven. It was built, soon after the asteroids struck, by a consortium of corporations, to protect its inhabitants from the dust.

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The executives who led the charge to build Haven wanted to save themselves from the dust. Can you share a bit of where you got the idea of this series? Then tell us what we can expect from The Dust Chronicles in future work! When I was brainstorming with my critique partners and told them why my heroine was so closed off emotionally, they immediately thought I should write about her backstory and write it as a YA, rather than the adult story I was planning.

Maureen: Deviants is similar to the Twisted Tales books in that they all have a lot of action, a lot of worldbuilding and strong heroines.

Deviants: The Dust Chronicles

My editor kept giving me notes like—remember the nine-year-olds! I had some great ideas for Sleeping Beauty: Vampire Slayer that were too dark for younger teen readers. More than half of YA readers are actually adults. It was great to let loose and tell the story I wanted to tell.


Deviants has elements of sci-fi, thriller, horror and romance. I call it a post-apocalyptic thriller, with a dystopian setting, and dollops of horror and romance.

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