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The character of Greybeard Algernon Timberlane is masterfully realised, one of the youngest people on the planet and yet clearly no longer a young man, he is captivatingly complicated - given to fears and doubts, making mistakes and aspiring to a greater life. In other words he is a quintessential human, a suitable vehicle to explore the human condition and it's effect on adversity and the exploration of mortality.

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We journey with Greybeard, his wife and a few friends as they search for a better place, for some small ray of hope in the bleak landscape that is post apocalyptic southern England. The novel also makes extensive use of flashbacks to provide a backstory and build the characterisation and this is handled in such a way that it doesn't detract from the main story. There isn't a huge amount of action, but to be honest if there was it would feel out of place, this is a very personal account of the end of days, and it's all the more powerful for that with many subtle nuances at play and a alluringly smooth, equable pace.

Greybeard is one of those hidden gems, a rare find that makes you kick yourself for not discovering it sooner, a masterful piece of literary science fiction and a poignant tale of human mortality.

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Set decades after the Earth's population has been sterilised as a result of nuclear bomb tests conducted in Earth's orbit, the book shows a world emptying of humans, with only an ageing, childless population left. The story is mainly told through the eyes of Algernon "Algy" Timberlane the titular Greybeard and his wife, Martha.

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